September 2012



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Apr. 16th, 2011

It hadn't been difficult to leave New Orleans. Nicholas had set his affairs in order, so to speak, in a matter of days. It just went to show how empty his life was. He had put everything into running his club, and it wasn't even necessary. He had promoted his manager to co-owner and his assistant manager to manager. It was a simple as that, and he had absolutely no fears for the fate of his club. And he had promised to return every three months for quarterly meetings. He lived above the club so he kept his apartment and simply covered his things with sheets.

Finding an apartment in New York City was more difficult, so at the moment, Nicholas was staying with his parents. When he was seventeen he had run away from home and it had taken years for his father to speak to him again after that. His mother, however, had been overly excited the first time he had contacted them again. It was as if she was still trying to make things better between Nicholas and his father whom he called The Major.

Nicholas' parents had a home in New Jersey and his mother was driving him into the city every day while they looked for apartments. If Nicholas had a business meeting for his new club, she went shopping. She had a terrible habit of buying him things he couldn't possibly use. Nicholas felt like she was trying to buy his love.

Being with his parents was a trial Nicholas knew he had to get through. He knew God was testing him and it wouldn't be the only trial. He wanted enlightenment and peace from the inner turmoil he had known his whole life. He wanted to learn from John, so he would suffer his parents.

Still in New Jersey. The Major informed me today that my haircut makes me look 'like a homosexual' and he suggested that I get a crew cut like his.

How is it that being back here can make me feel like a teenager again?

Apr. 1st, 2011

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